Falasol Timbre
for Windows

Falasol Timbre is a free sound synthesizer for research and entertainment.

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Falasol Timbre Description

Falasol Timbre is a free sound synthesizer designed for research and entertainment.
It’s based on concepts of additive synthesis and spectral reverse-engineering
(design the sound based on expected spectral outcome).
Please see application help file for more technical Details.

The application is free to use, copy, share and to play with.
Please mention the Falasol.net web address when using sounds created with the application.

I hope you enjoy the time spent with the application and perhaps get inspired for new ideas.

* Envelope + Spectrum model
* Key points allowing to ‘animate’ sound properties
* ADSR volume settings
* Effects (all with adjustable depths & speeds):
o Noise (random Frequency fluctuations)
o Vibrato (frequency modulation)
o Tremolo (volume modulation)
* Customizable wave shapes
* Graphical spectral-like sound representation
* WAV file export

Falasol 1.1.0 release – with brand new shiny WPF UI!

What started as a basic WinForms -> WPF conversion, ended up as a total interface redesign. Besides introducing new custom spinner controls, I rearranged the overall layout to make it look like a professional audio console

It’s not only about coolness Factor (though it’s important too! ;) but mostly: usability & experience – making your life easier and getting things done FASTER. I believe this release marks a milestone of Falasol project development. Here it leaves the toddler phase behind and becomes a true KinderGarten rebel!

Falasol Timbre Screenshots

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What's New in Falasol Timbre 1.1.0 sp1

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Falasol Timbre Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows 7, Vista, XP

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

See Full Specifications

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